Budget Committee

Note: On May 21, 2020 the review of the FY20-21 Proposed Budget concluded with approval by the budget committee. Further information will become available at the Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing on the Approved Budget scheduled for June 9th, 2020 and Budget Adoption scheduled for June 16th, 2020. Both meetings will be available for public viewing on Comcast Channel 21 and via webcast.


The Budget Committee reviews and approves the County budget, limits the amount of tax which may be levied by the County and establishes a tentative maximum for total permissible expenditures for each fund in the County budget.

Meeting Schedule
Following a legally required Notice of Budget Committee Meeting, the process begins when the County Administrator delivers his/her budget message.  Typically late April/early May each calendar year.

(10)  Consists of members of the Board of Commissioners and an equal number of lay citizens.  Vacancies on this committee will not be advertised unless otherwise requested by the Board member whose district representation has been vacated.

    Correspondence can be sent to the committee via:
    Mail:      ATTN:  Budget Committee
                   Lane County Budget Office
                   125 E. 8th Avenue
                   Eugene, OR  97401
    Fax:        541-682-4616
    Email:     lcgabupl@co.lane.or.us

Lane County Budget Committee Citizen Members
West Lane - District 1 -   Commissioner Jay Bozievich's appointment
Herb Vloedman               Term Expires:  12/31/22
Board Order:                    20-01-28-02

Springfield - District 2 -   former Commissioner Sid Leiken's appointment
Larry Abel                         Term Expires:  12/31/20
Board Order:                    18-02-06-02

So. Eugene - District 3 -  Commissioner Peter Sorenson's appointment
Christopher Hazen          Term Expires:  12/31/22
Board Order:                    20-03-31-01

No. Eugene - District 4 -   Commissioner Pat Farr's appointment
Dale Stoneburg                 Term Expires:  12/31/20
Board Order:                     18-02-06-02

East Lane - District 5 -      Commissioner Heather Buch's appointment
Dawn Lesley                     Term Expires:     12/31/21
Board Order:                    20-01-28-01
Citizen Membership Term
3 years, staggered terms with one-third of terms ending each year. County ends terms on December 31.

N/A, The Budget Officer is the County Administrator.

Expiration Date

Vacancies are determined by the individual Commissioner whose district has a vacancy.  Vacancies will not be advertised unless requested by the Board member whose district representation has been vacated.

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