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In consideration of COVID-19/Coronavirus we are taking preventative measures for our staff and community members by limiting in-person contact.


Land Management Division will continue to provide key services and will be expanding our message line and email response services to continue to serve our customers.


We will continue to accept and process Planning, Building, Sanitation, and Manufactured Structures applications and submittals. We will also continue to receive Compliance inquiries.


Below please find information on our continued operations during this period:


To reach us, please call staff at the appropriate message line listed below and leave a detailed message. We are checking voicemails throughout the day and will return your call just as quickly as possible.


Land Management Message Line - 541-682-4065

Building Safety Message Line -

Land Use/ Zoning Message Line -

On-Site Wastewater Message Line - 541-682-3754

Code Enforcement Message Line - 541-682-3724


Submitting Materials

For paper copies, materials may be mailed to Land Management Division, 3050 N. Delta Highway, Eugene, Oregon 97408. Our lobby will be closed; however, if you prefer to deliver materials (except for checks) in person, we will have drop off boxes available in our front foyer vestibule. Staff will monitor the drop off boxes and pick up materials at least once a day. Please note: checks may not be delivered in the drop off boxes. Alternatively, please contact staff for potential electronic submittal options.

We ask that you please observe social distancing while submitting materials and enter the area one at a time.


Making a Payment

Fee balances can be paid online. Please contact staff for information about online payment. Otherwise, payment can be made by mailing a check payable to Lane County.


Building Permit Application

Typically, applying for a building permit involves a preliminary consultation with the planner-on-duty and builder-on-duty. Once these consultations are completed, an intake meeting is scheduled called the “Building Permit Review Meeting” (BPRM). During this temporary lobby closure, a two-step process will still be required with some modifications. An in-person BPRM meeting will not be scheduled.

Step 1: Please discuss your project with a planner-on-duty and builder-on-duty. Provide a scaled 11x17 site plan for their review. Additional preliminary permit application materials may be provided if you would like feedback.

Step 2: After the planner-on-duty and builder-on-duty consultation and site plan review is completed, you may proceed with submitting your building permit application materials. We will review all materials in our offices and notify you via phone, email, or letter if any additional information or materials are needed after submittal.


Can I still schedule an inspection?

Inspections may be requested. Field work and inspections will continue to occur, but only in instances where reasonably safe distances can be kept between staff and the public, to be determined by the Lane County Building Official.


Land Use Hearings/Appeals

Appeals may temporarily be submitted via email and electronic submittals are encouraged; however, please email the staff planner and copy Amber Bell and Lindsey Eichner to submit materials and/or to arrange to make payment online. If you are delivering a paper copy, please email the assigned planner and attach to it the appeal routing sheet made available in the drop off area. All appeal submittal requirements and deadlines still apply.  


Floodplain Code Modernization Project Deadline:
We will be requesting that the Planning Commission conduct a conference call to open the public hearing and then immediately continue/delay the public hearing that is scheduled on March 24th to May 12th.


Other hearings will be held on an as-needed basis and we are investigating phone conferencing and other options.  Please check with Interim Planning Director Amber Bell and Interim Principal Planner Lindsey Eichner for more information.


August 5, 2019 - Fee adjustments will go into effect across all LMD fees
                                  Fee Adjustment Notice (7/3/2019)
                                  Legal Lot Verification Requirement Notice (7/3/2019)
                                  Board Order No. 19-06-18-09
                                  Planning Fee Schedule Effective 8/5/2019


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