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Equity & Access Coordinator-
Mo Young

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Laura Vinson

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Welcome to the Lane County Equity, Access, & Inclusion page

How we got to where we are:

From 1992 through 2012, Lane County had a number of on-going human rights efforts. An advisory body served as the primary think-tank for human rights efforts. The body was appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

In 2014, Lane County received a community request to re-establish the Human Rights Advisory Committee. We met with community members and held a larger community conversation. In April and June of 2015, community members and County staff examined current efforts, needs, and plans regarding human rights, equity and access. Those who participated in the meetings identified needs in equity work across the county.

The top three priorities that were identified by community stakeholders were:

    1. Improve recruitment, retention, and advancement;
    2. Establish a culture in Lane County that:
         a. Is asking tough questions
         b. Gets at real issues
         c. Is addressing the moral/professional/ethical                                                 commitment to equity and inclusion; and
    3. Engages in courageous conversations.

On October 27, 2015, the Lane County Board of County Commissioners approved a recommended framework that included:

1. Create a Human Rights Advisory Body;
2. Institutionalize Equity Efforts;
3. Improve Recruitment, Selections, Retention, and Advancement;
4. Require Annual Equity and Access Training for all Lane County Employees; and
5. Engage Community Partners as an Equity and Service Resource.

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