Strategic Planning Consultant

Strategic Planning Consultant

Posted on:2021/07/06 | Entity:CAO | Category:Administrative Services | Type:RFP

Briefly, the work of the RFP includes assisting Lane County with the development of a new multi-year County Strategic Plan. Lane County has a solid foundational Strategic Plan with strategic priorities, initiatives and activities that we desire to reaffirm, enhance and or adjust based on a robust engagement effort. We want our plan to identify a clear focus for the future. While we do not anticipate a steep departure of our existing framework, we want to ensure we are utilizing our equity lens as we engage our staff and community to inform and clarify our goals and strategic priorities. We would like to take our current Strategic Plan to the next level. The full Scope of Services is outlined in Attachment A.

The County expects the strategic planning process to be led by Judy Williams, Strategy and Integration Manager in 
consultation with Steve Mokrohisky, our County Administrator. This work will generally involve a core group of 25 County Commissioners, directors and managers, with the final decision-making for adoption being made by the Board of County Commissioners. More general coordination efforts, presentations and engagement opportunities will be required to involve interested community members and county employees. 

Strategic Planning Consultant RFP (pdf)


Deadline for Submissions: 2021/07/26 17:00:00
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