Local Data


  • 167 Cases in Lane County
    •  This Number includes lab confirmed and presumptive cases, per Oregon Health Authority guidelines. Presumptive cases are individuals who have had exposure (15 minutes cumulative time within 6ft) to a known case and are displaying symptoms consistent with COVID but do not yet have a lab confirmation.
  • 52 Currently Infectious **
  • 2 Currently Hospitalized
  • 3 deaths in Lane County due to suspected Coronavirus infection
  • At least 23,652  tests conducted for Lane County residents (including private labs)
    • This number is likely below the actual number of tests conducted. Private labs are processing tests from Lane County residents and there is variability in reporting of negative results. Lane County Public Health is being notified of any positive test results.
Read the Lane County Public Health surveillance report for the week ending on Sunday, June 21. (New reports will be published weekly.)

*While COVID-19 can affect people of any age, the illness is usually more severe in our older population or people with pre-existing conditions. These are the people more likely to be tested and reported. Children and young adults may have and spread COVID-19, but are not so ill that they are likely to go to the doctor and get tested.

**Infectious is our "sick at home vs. recovered" measure.  Recovered is now being qualified as any case which has gone 60 days from symptom onset.  

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