Systemic Engineering Implementation Team

Public Works developed an engineering action implementation team known as the Systemic Engineering Implementation Team (SEIT). The team consists of representatives from traffic operations, road maintenance, engineering design, construction services, and transportation planning. Objectives of the SEIT are as follows:

  • Work Cooperatively in Vetting ImplementationHear Concerns and Share Information

  • Consider Implementation BarriersDiscuss Institutional Capacity and Trade-offs to Make Informed Decisions

  • Consider Impacts to External Users and Environment Promote Public/Elected/Media Outreach and Education

  • Track and Monitor Implementation EffortsInventory New Assets and Measure Performance


The SEIT meets regularly to work through each engineering action consistent with the above objectives. The guidelines provided below are an overview and starting point – to be continually improved by the SEIT as it learns more about each action through the implementation process. The SEIT is encouraged to apply innovation in developing appropriate implementation and to continue to learn from the best practices of other jurisdictions.

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