Code Compliance Program

The Board of County Commissioners adopted Lane Code Chapter 5 – Administrative Enforcement to provide an Administrative Civil Penalty Code flexible enough to accomplish its purpose, but also constrained enough that any action taken is done so responsibly and with the care necessary to preserve the rights and interests of all citizens of Lane County.

The Code Compliance Program implements the County's land-use, building, and nuisance ordinances by responding to and investigating reports and inquiries from the public, county staff, and the Board of County Commissioners. In the majority of instances, voluntary cooperation ensures compliance.

The most efficient way to file a complaint is to fill out the Code Compliance Complaint Form online.  The appropriate Compliance Officer will contact you if additional information is needed. To contact a Compliance Officer directly, please reference the below County map; if the property you are concerned with is in the Eastern District, contact Josiah Broomfield, if it is in the Western District, contact Sherryl Lockhart.

Code Compliance District Map

Visit the Land Management Property Records Online (LMD-PRO) site to access official county property related documents such as building, sanitation and land use permits as well as other property related records and historic information.

Compliance Officers:
Sherryl Lockhart

Josiah Broomfield