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Licensing and Fingerprint Unit 


We help customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. For your convenience, vist when you have sufficient time to wait in the event there are others already checked in for services. It is possible that we may stop offering CHL and fingerprinting services prior to 5 pm, depending upon the number of people checked in. Please keep this in mind when planning a time to come to the office for services.

Records Officers are cross-trained in a variety of speciality areas.  Licensing functions are provided through the Sheriff's integrated Central Reception / Records Unit main office staff. 

Licensing work includes:
  • Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL) application and processing
  • Special weapon / firearm applications (firearms dealers, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms registrations)
  • Lane County Sheriff's Office official identification
  • Fingerprinting for government applications (employment and various registrations)
  • Sex Offender registration

- CHL issued 1,651 new Concealed Handgun Licenses in 2011
- There are currently over 14,200 CHL holders in Lane County
- The Licensing Unit processed 2,447 CHL renewals in 2011

Mandated licensing services are funded through fees, set by statute or the Lane County fee committee.  These fees help pay for the expense of operation.  These cross-trained employees work in coordination with other Records Officers to provide the public access and reception services for customers visiting the Sheriff's Main Office at the Lane County Courthouse.  Goals and objectives for the unit are included in the Police Records Unit information. 

  1. Provide prompt, courteous and professional service to both our internal and external customers.
  2. Apply better technology when cost feasible.