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Lost A Pet? 
What to do if you have lost a pet...


Check out the animals currently at the 1st Ave Shelter.
1st Ave. Shelter phone no.: (541) 844-1777.
3970 W 1st Ave., Eugene OR 97402
Shelter hours of operation: Tue-Fri 10am - 6pm & Sat10am-5:30pm

Go visit the shelter to see if your pet has been impounded. If your pet is not at the shelter, please take the time to fill out a lost report so that the staff will have your information on file if your pet is found.

Check with your local shelter agency immediately!  The shelter is required to hold your animal for three (3) business days if it is not wearing valid I.D. and five (5) business days if your animal does have some form of valid identification.  If your animal is displaying tags that are not traceable, such as an invalid address or disconnected phone number, your animal will be held for only three (3) business days.

Pets may not be redeemed by friends or relatives unless they live in the same household. 

Check the newpapers and websites under found a pet, and pets for sale.

Check with your local Veterinarian Clinics.

Check other shelters in your area.  If you lose your pet close to the Lane County border, check with the shelter in the bordering County.

* Represents animal control agencies and humane societies in the Lane County Area
Albany Dog Control (541) 967-9325 *Junction City, Contact Police Dept (541) 998-1245
Benton Dog Control (541) 753-0732 Linn County Animal Control (541) 967-3925
Central Oregon Humane Society - Bend (541) 382-3537 Linn Humane Society - Albany (541) 928-2789
* Coburg, City of
Contact Police Dept
(541) 682-7853 * Lowell, City of (541) 937-2157
Corvallis Animal Control (541) 757-0831 * Oakridge, City of (541) 397-2157
* Cottage Grove, City of (541)942-5501 Roseburg SPCA (541) 679-4798
* Creswell, City of (541) 895-2531 * Springfield Animal
(541) 726-3634
Douglas County Animal Control (541) 440-4328 * Veneta, City of (541) 935-2191
* Greenhill Humane Society (541) 689-1503 Willamette Valley Humane Society - Salem (541) 585-5900
* Florence Area Humane Society (541) 997-4277 * West Fir, City of (541) 782-3733
Heartland Humane Society - Corvallis (541) 757-9000 Emergency Vet Clinic (541) 746-0112

Check with the road maintenance departments for dead animal pick-up info:
 City of Eugene (541) 682-4800
 City of Springfield (541) 726-3761 
 Lane County (541) 682-6900

Remember to Love, License and Spay/Neuter Your Pet!