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Cats with Special Needs 

  Goober #1210-0676 - ADOPTED!!!

 Goober’s entropion surgery was successful.  We can see his beautiful blue eyes now.  There still is some post operative swelling, but once that is gone, he will be most handsome and ready for his new home!  Thanks to all of you that donated towards his surgery; he now has a good chance for adoption



Crusher #1212-0873
Crusher is a sweet kitty brought into us early in December 2011.  Sometimes she vocalizes when eating due to pain.  She is in need of a dental cleaning, and probably some extractions.  She is very cute, very affectionate and worth the expenditure.  Won't you please help her get out of pain?  Estimate $300-$400.

Sable #1212-0953
Sable has trouble urinating due to a bladder stone.  She is most uncomfortable and needs to have this stone remvoed so she can frolic around in the cattery and show her playful and sweet disposition.

Honey #1210-0680
Our sweet Honey.  She is not feeling well due to hyperthyroidism.  Unfortunately, she ad an allergic reaction to the medication to treat hyperthyroidism.  Now, the only treatment for her is an I 131 procedure, radiodine treatment.  A costly and very involved procedure.  We want to give Honey what she needs.  Will you please help us and donate towards her treatment of about $700?  Thank you
UPDATE:  Honey has had her radioactive treatment for her hyperthyroid disease.  She is in isolation and doing very well.  She is a different kitty, happy, vocal and hungry again!  She will be up for adoption after February 10th.  A local veterinarian gave us a huge discount, thank you!  However, we are still looking for donations to cover the rest of this procedure which came to $440.

Toshiba #1202-1089
This little kitty is uber sweet.  Her name is Toshiba and has such a bad upper respiratory, it makes it hard for her to breathe. We will get the upper respiratory under control, however, she has severe periodontal disease, making her extremely uncomfortable and most likely very painful.  She will need a lot of extractions and that is going to cost us.  Won't you please help get Toshiba out of pain and donate towards her dental?  it will be around $500 and possibly more. 

Monty #1211-0710
Monty is a neutered, buff & white male kitty brought into LCAS by a concerned citizen who found him on the road unable to walk. A local veterinarian offered to take a radiograph, and it revealed a broken pelvis. There is not much one can do for a broken pelvis (besides a very expensive orthopedic surgery) other than cage rest, pain medication and anti-inflamatory medications.   Obviously, the shelter is not the best place for Monty to get better; it is highly stressful and noisy.  For now, the staff at LCAS is doing the best they can, and he responded VERY well  to medications and rest. Ideally, Monty finds a person willing and able to foster him. If you can't foster him, please consider donating toward his medications and daily care.


Sushi # 1211-0811

Sushi is a very sweet, but very skinny, 4# kitty with a broken tail. We don't know what happened to her, but we do know she is the sweetest thing ever; purring up a storm every time you approach or hold her. We will make her gain some weight by feeding her well, but will you please donate towards her surgery? Thank you for your continued support helping us save another life…however small!