Lane County Provider Tools for Projects & HMIS  

ServicePoint is a Management Information System used to record and share information among service-providers on services provided to at-risk, homeless, or near homeless clients. ServicePoint is project of the NW Social Service Connections (NWSSC) of the Portland Housing Bureau project. 
 >    Lane County HMIS Policies and Procedures

    Agencies who use ServicePoint have agreed to following the HMIS Policies and Procedures.

    >    ServicePoint User Instruction Sheets (How-To Guides)

    Contact Info for Service Point Technical Support:
    Andrea Russell  

    >    Coordinated Entry Tools and Guides

    Contact Info for Coordinated Entry:
    Andrea Russell 

    >    Forms for ServicePoint  Entry, Interim, and Exit Assessments

    Updated for Oct 1, 2016 HMIS Data Standards.
    Acronyms and codes:
    "All other projects" = Everything but Street Outreach and Emergency Shelter
    UDE = Universal Data Elements (the base-line of data elements)
    CoC = Continuum of Care
    ESG = Emergency Solutions Grant
    SO = Street Outreach
    ES = Emergency Shelter
    SH = Safe Haven (Lane County doesn't have a one)

    If your agency provides basic needs, you may be eligible for direct data entry. Email is you would like to apply for Direct Data Entry permission (no forms!).

    >    Reports in ServicePoint and ART

    The additional Advanced Reporting Tool license is available to 35 of the 147 Lane County ServicePoint users. The Advanced Reporting Tool has folders of reports such as annual performance, data quality, client demographic, and service/fund source counts. This license is necessary for agencies to run required HUD, HSC, VA, CDBG, ESG, EHA, HSP, Special Funds and SPRF reports.

    Canned reports can be run by most Users - no license required.

    >    Program Eligibility Tools

    Calculating Rent:
    Fair Market Rents (FMR) and Rent Reasonableness Tables and Certification) (updated 09/30/2015)
    Utility Allowances (updated 07/01/2015)

    >    Tips

     >    ServicePoint Privacy Notice

      The privacy notice is intended to inform clients of the uses and disclosures regarding ServicePoint as administered by the NW Social Service Connections. The notice will be posted in the lobby and work stations where clients are served in all agencies using ServicePoint. The complete notice to clients will be made available to the client at the client's request. ALL PROGRAMS/AGENCIES USING ServicePoint are REQUIRED TO POST THIS NOTICE.

      PRINT and POST or request a poster from

       >    ServicePoint User Licenses

      At this time, Lane County is purchasing ServicePoint User licenses for agencies in the Lane County continuum. The number of licenses purchased is determined by Lane County considering number of sites, clients at a point in time, and volume of services delivered daily.
      New Users are required to complete a User Policy Agreement which is witnessed/signed by their supervisor.
      Contact Andrea Russell with new license requests
          Andrea Russell  541-682-8704

      >    Support


         Lane County Agencies Participating in ServicePoint

      Lane County has 24 Agencies with more than 150 Projects in ServicePoint

      • Catholic Community Services 
      • Centro Latino Americano
      • Community Sharing of Cottage Grove
      • The Eugene Mission
      • Food for Lane County
      • Housing and Community Services of Lane County (HACSA)
      • Lane Council of Governments- Senior and Disabled Services (LCOG)
      • Lane County Human Services Division
      • Laurel Hill
      • Looking Glass
      • Mainstream Housing, Inc.
      • Oregon Department of Human Services
      • Oregon Health Authority
      • Pearl Buck Center
      • Relief Nursery, Inc.
      • ShelterCare
      • Siuslaw Outreach Services
      • Sponsors, Inc
      • St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County
      • Upper Willamette CDC
      • Veterans' Administration
      • White Bird Clinic
      • Willamette Family Treatment
      • Womenspace

      Contact for HMIS: