Lane County Strategic Planning 

2015-2017 Draft Strategic Plan.


Thank you to those of you that were able to come out to the Open House on September 17, 2014, and to Public Comment at the September 30, 2014 Board of County Commissioner's Meeting. Your feedback is very important. If you were unable to attend, it's not too late to give feedback. We have recently launched "Engage with Lane County" an interactive tool that allows residents to participate in the discussions we are currently having around priorities, budget, policy, upcoming projects and more...Please visit:

Since July of 2014, Lane County Commissioners, the County Administrator, Department Managers and the general public have been involved in the formulation of priorities for our future. We have accomplished so much over the years and are ready to identify what our next priorities will be. We have a draft plan (link above) that outlines our draft priorities of:
    Safe, Healthy County
    - Vibrant Communities
    - Infrastructure

Prior Strategic Plans:
Lane County Strategic Plan 2012-2017 (Concluded in June of 2014)

Lane County Resident Survey

Since 2009, the County has been surveying residents using the National Citizen Survey developed by the National Research Center.  The 2009 results established baseline data, to be followed up every two years to identify trends and measure change.

The National Citizen Survey, conducted by the National Research Center and developed in partnership with the International City/County Management Association, has been administered in hundreds of local governments around the country.  We’ve chosen this standardized survey instrument to assure high quality research methods as well as the opportunity to compare Lane County’s results to national norms.

Unlike polling regarding specific policies or prioritization of services, the Resident Survey covers a wide range of services across many County funds.  Taken together, the focus areas speak to resident opinions about life in Lane County as well local government services.

Getting periodic feedback from residents helps elected leaders, staff, and other County stakeholder to identify challenges and to plan for and evaluate improvements. Ultimately, it makes us better informed about the people we work for – Lane County residents – and tells us how we’re doing. We’re eager to find out and will share the results this spring right here on our website.
Lane County Resident Survey 2013
Lane County Resident Survey 2013 - Demographic Subgroup Report
Lane County Resident Survey 2013 - Geographic Subgroup Report

Lane County Resident Survey 2011
Lane County Resident Survey 2011 - Overview of Results
Lane County Resident Survey 2011 - Demographic Subgroup Report
Lane County Resident Survey 2011 - Geographic Subgroup Report

Lane County Resident Survey 2009
Lane County Resident Survey 2009 - Demographic Subgroup Report
Lane County Resident Survey 2009 - Geographic Subgroup Report







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Judy Williams
Sr. Manager, County Administration