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To review the Lane County policies mandatory for vendors.  Lane County has established these policies to promote safety, health, and a positive and non-discriminatory working enviornment for all employees, workers and citizens.  All vendors doing business with Lane County are required to understand and comply with County policies regarding smoking, use or possession of drugs, alcohol, weapons, or animals; and discrimination, harassment, violence, or offensive behavior.

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Open Postings
Building Construction Postings
RFB (Request for Bid) Postings
Organization: County Administration
Due Date: 7/15/2015 2:00 PM

The Project consists of the general construction services for the Penthouse Roofing System Replacement at the Lane County Juvenile Justice Center. The address of the project is 2727 Martin Luther King Blvd, Eugene, Oregon.

Professional Services Postings
RFP (Request for Proposal) Postings
Organization: Human Resources
Due Date: 6/30/2015 2:00 PM
Summary: The work of the RFP includes establishing an on/near‐site clinic which provides primary care services to employees including early retirees and eligible dependents, positively impacts long‐term health plan claims experience and increases employee health and productivity. The County is asking your organization to complete this RFP in order to: (a) gain a better understanding of your capabilities, and (b) select finalists to be considered for the awarding of a contract to operate a clinic on behalf of the County. The initial contract period is three (3) years with the County reserving the option for (2) one-year renewal periods.

Proposals Due: 2:00 p.m. (PST) Tuesday, June 30, 2015.
Organization: Risk Management
Due Date: 7/16/2015 4:00 PM
Summary: Lane County is accepting proposals from qualified parties to serve as the Third Party Administrator (TPA) for all claims filed with the County’s self-insured workers’ compensation program.

Proposals Due: 4:00 p.m. (PST) Thursday, July 16, 2015.
RFQ (Request for Quote) Postings
Organization: Risk Management
Summary: Lane County has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Worker's Compensation Legal Defense Services for the Risk Management section of County Administration.  No closing date has been established for submission of statements of qualifications.
Goods and Services Postings
RFP (Request for Proposal) Postings
Organization: LCPW Maintenance
Due Date: 4/30/2015 4:00 PM
Summary: Request for Proposals for Fire Alarm Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
Due Date: 7/2/2015 3:00 PM
Summary: Lane County is seeking solicitations for the implementation of the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) in Lane County.
RFQ (Request for Quote) Postings

UPDATED: 06/22/2015


The Calendar of Events in the DD EMR RFQ for Lane County has been updated.
Summary: UPDATED: 5/22/15
Summary of changes: clarifies that only Phase 1 scores utilized "averaged"points, extends the selection process by modifying the calendar, adds supplemental selection processes, as needed.
LOI (Letter of Interest) Postings
Due Date: 6/25/2015 12:00 PM

Lane County is requesting applications from persons or organizations interested in being assigned to ASA 9.

Fleet Services Postings
RFP (Request for Proposal) Postings
Organization: LCPW Fleet & General Services
Due Date: 6/26/2015 4:00 PM
Summary: Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping Services RFP
RFB (Request for Bid) Postings
Organization: LCPW Fleet Services
Due Date: 12/16/2016 10:30 AM
Summary: Request for Bids for Light Duty Vehicle Purchase Contract
Organization: LCPW Fleet and Facilities
Due Date: 2/4/2015 2:00 PM
Summary: LCPW McKenzie Building - HVC Improvements
Administrative Services Postings
RFB (Request for Bid) Postings
Organization: LCPW Property Management
Due Date: 4/16/2015 2:00 PM
Summary: McAyeal's Wardrobe Cleaners Hazardous Materials Abatement