Stewart Creek Covered Bridge 

World Guide Number: 37-20-28
Built: 1930
Truss: Howe
Span: 60 feet
Stream: Mosby Creek

Directions: From Cottage Grove, proceed southeast on Mosby Creek Rd. about 3.1 miles to Garoutte Rd. This bridge is visible from Mosby Creek Road.

History: Constructed in 1930, Stewart Bridge has borne the brunt of many nature's whims. The raging water of the 1964 Christmas Flood caused the lower chords of the bridge to crack. A few years later, heavy snowfall caused the roof bracing to give way and the entire roof caved in. Repairs to the bridge made it usable until it was bypassed in the 1980s by a concrete bridge.

The bridge now only serves pedestrian and bicyclist traffic.